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Pre-employment and occupational services:

Salcido Family Medicine offers wide array of occupational, workers compensation and  pre-employment services.

Effective May 21, 2014, Interstate CMV drivers will be required to obtain physical examinations and a medical examiner's certificate from a certified medical examiner listed on the National Registry.

All of our providers are Certified Medical Examiners for U.S. Department of Transportation and are listed on the National Registry

For more information, visit the National Registry website at

- Drug and Alcohol Testing                                  - DOT and Non DOT exams

- Audiogram                                                         - Physicals

- Visual Acuity                                                      - Pulmonary Functions

- Respiratory Fit Test                                           - Immunizations

- Overseas Physicals                                           - Lift Test

- Grip Test (Jamar)                                              - Labs

- EKG                                                                   - X-Ray

- Fit Test                                                              - Silicosis Testing

Questions about our services? 432-582-2882 or       

We can Design a functional employee testing program.

Workers Compensation

Salcido Family Clinic is pleased to announce that we are providers for the following Workers Compensation networks:

- Texas Star Network (Texas Mutual)

- Liberty Mutual

- Sedwick

- Political Subdivision Workers Compensation Alliance (ECISD and Ector County)

- Workers Compensation Insurance

- Self Insured